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Metzler Veterinary Hospital

Metzler Veterinary Hospital Reviews

Check out what our clients have to say about their experience at our animal hospital.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Coming back to write a detailed review. This place is great, bottom line. We have previously taken our pug to the Banfield and Petsmart and just weren’t impressed.

The staff at Metzler’s are always nice and helpful. They boarded our pug in the fall of 2020 for 2 nights and now ever since that she gets excited and runs in willingly with them. If she approves, I approve ☺️


I've been going to them for at least 10 years with all my huskies and Dr Metzler is wonderful. He takes the time and listens to your concerns and discuss options. His staff is always friendly and very good with our dogs.

Louise H.

My senior dog was having issues that nobody could seem to diagnose. One trip to Metzler and we had a diagnosis and a solution. She’s been back to 100% ever since! Now we won’t take out dogs anywhere else! We recently got a Goldendoodle puppy and his favorite place to go is to the vet! That’s saying so much about how amazing the staff and service are!

Jennifer C.